Lab Tests

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Lab tests are essential diagnostic and screening tools, but traveling to your doctor’s office for a blood draw isn’t very convenient. Laureen Koehler, FNP-C, at House Calls, LLC, understands this problem. Her practice is based in Belhaven, North Carolina, but Laureen makes home visits to patients in Beaufort County and Hyde County to collect lab samples. She then discusses the results via telemedicine video calls, making the process far more convenient. Call House Calls, LLC, for further information on lab tests, or book a home visit or telehealth consultation online today.

Lab Tests Q & A

What are lab tests?

Lab tests analyze various substances produced by your body, including:

  • Blood
  • Urine
  • Stool
  • Mucus
  • Saliva
  • Skin cells
  • Pus and other excretions

Some lab tests help Laureen diagnose the cause of pain and other troubling symptoms. Other tests monitor and evaluate treatment effectiveness. Lab tests are also invaluable screening tools, identifying problems like cancer, high cholesterol, and diabetes long before you develop any symptoms.


What lab tests might I need?

The lab tests Laureen recommends vary depending on your symptoms and why you need the tests. Common ones include:

Complete blood count (CBC)

A CBC is one of the most widely used lab tests. It’s a comprehensive test that detects infection, inflammation, problems like anemia (low iron levels in your blood), other nutrient deficiencies, and bleeding problems.


HbA1c test

HbA1c measures average blood glucose levels in people with diabetes as part of their chronic disease management program. Laureen can also use this test to diagnose Type 2 diabetes and identify patients with prediabetes, where blood sugar is too high but not high enough to qualify as Type 2 diabetes.


Cholesterol test

Cholesterol, a fatty substance in your blood, can cause severe circulatory problems if left unchecked. However, it causes no symptoms. Cholesterol testing measures the amount of

cholesterol in your blood so you can make lifestyle changes to reduce it and receive treatment if required.


Urine culture

A urine culture identifies bacteria causing a urinary tract infection (UTI).


Fecal occult blood test

This test on a stool sample detects bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract that isn’t visible in your stools.


Respiratory virus testing

Determining what’s causing your cold or flu symptoms ensures you receive the most effective treatment. For example, you might need antibiotics for strep throat or other bacterial infections.


How are my lab test samples collected?

At House Calls, LLC, Laureen collects lab test samples from patients in the convenience of their homes. 

Blood tests are the most common labs. Laureen inserts a hollow needle into an arm or hand vein and extracts enough blood for the tests you need. The blood goes into marked tubes detailing which tests are required. If you need to provide a urine or stool sample, she explains how to do so, and you give her the sample when complete.

Your lab test results come back through House Calls, LLC’s Kareo system. Laureen meets with you online via secure telemedicine to review your results and determine the next steps.

Call House Calls, LLC, to learn more about at-home lab tests or book an appointment online today.